homepage_logoCigarette is not a commodity that is marketed or sold exclusively on much flaunted appeals of advertisers like rich taste, being hard or mild. Smoking cigarettes provide much of psychological satisfaction than any physical benefit. With massive number of anti-smoking campaigns and celebrating “Anti-Smoking Day” all over the world, why people don’t leave smoking? Is it a failure of these campaigns and governments to properly aware the smokers of potential problems and diseases a smoker faces through its life time? Or it is something else, something special that doesn’t let people avoid this injurious to health habit?

From the research conducted regularly in different parts of the world, what we came to know is that it’s not the failure of providing proper awareness! Most of the smokers themselves know the complete composition of a cigarette. Through massive anti-smoking advertising and various campaigns launched at different occasions, people know that a from merely observing, cigarette on its own looks like a harmless paper tube containing ground tobacco leaves and filter attached at the other end, but actually cigarette contains: Toluene (industrial solvent), Ammoniac (a detergent), Arsenic (a lethal poison), DDT (insecticide), Polonium (a radioactive element), Acetone (solvent), Methanol (used as rocket fuel), Naphthalene (moth-repellent), NICOTINE (used as herbicide and insecticide), cadmium (used in batteries), Carbon monoxide and many other dangerous chemicals that keep on lessening your life expectancy with every cigarette lighten.

Once lighten, a cigarette smoke evolves that contain no less harmful chemicals than its parent including; acrolein, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and benzo (a) pyrene. When a cigarette is inhaled, it is burning at around 700 degree C at the tip and it reduces this cigarette into various toxics.

Now in many countries of the world, it is mandatory for cigarette manufacturers to print clear warning on the cigarette pack so that every individual that intends to use one must read the health hazards he/she is going to face. But still it has done no great revolution in mindset and practice of these smokers. Chain smokers are those people that are so much addicted to cigarette smoking that they cannot pass few moments in between the inhaling of two pieces of cigarettes. Recently this trend has increased manifolds in teenagers especially of Asian countries, which is a very dangerous sign for the societies of these countries.

The number of diseases linked with smoking cigarettes is increasing day by day. The list has become ever evolving as people from medical profession now link certain diseases to cigarettes that were not previously linked with them; these include cancer of kidneys, cervix, stomach and pancreas, pneumonia, abdominal aortic aneurysm and cataracts. This list is still evolving.
With women smoking, they have a major increase in risk of getting breast cancer than those who don’t. In America only, approximately 450,000 people die each year due to smoking related diseases. Smoking in women during pregnancy leads to many complexities and this issue has been raised on many international forums as well in media of different countries to raise attention of women towards this issue.Smokers on the average have 13 to 14 years of shorter life span than the non-smokers.