In most of the countries the rate of deaths is increasing due to the cigarette smoking. The people who smoke may have the issues of peptic ulcer diseases and may also have the problems of cataracts which are usually not seen in the non smokers. People who smoke usually die due to the diseases like larynx cancer, chronic obstructive lung diseases, esophagus and many others. The risk of dying increases due to these disease if the smoker also use some kind of alcohol or come across toxic substances.

There are many smokers who know about the injurious hazards of smoking on their health but still they keep on doing it as they believe that smoking give them relief, pleasure, weight maintenance and anxiety. Due to all this they feel hard to quit smoking and feel like it is something that is impossible. The smokers who quit smoking have higher chances to stay from many diseases as compared to the people who keep on smoking. The smokers who quit smoking at a younger age have a great benefit as they have not come across as many cigarettes as they have come across at a greater age.

Smokers come across a number of problems but the most common ones are breathlessness, coughing and chest pain. It has been seen that the fear of death is the only reason due to which the smokers quit smoking. It takes a lot of time for the smokers to quit smoking but once they are done with it they can live a happy life with fewer dangers of diseases. It takes 2 to 3 attempts to completely leave the smoking habit. Some people may take even more than these attempts.

In the first attempt when you try to quit smoking you come across some problems and you make some mistakes. But next time when you again make an attempt you avoid all the previous done mistakes. In this way whenever you try the new attempt you will make sure that previous done mistakes are not repeated. Due to all this it is considered a slow process and requires a lot of effort from the side of the smoker who wants to quit smoking. And the day when he has finally stopped smoking will be the final day and this day will be call his final stage for quitting the cigarette smoking.

When smokers quit smoking the doctor’s advice them to stop the consumption of alcohol, for a short period of time as they may get addicted to it which can also be dangerous to their health. Smokers have recently stopped smoking due to which they have to face problems and they come across a lot of stress, frustrations and anxiety, so they need some time to settle themselves and the settle the new change in their life. So when you are thinking of quitting smoking, you must consult a psychologist so that he can guide you over and over again and you can control on your problems