Cigarettes Are For Health Or Against Your Body?

There are many people who have ruined their lives by consuming Cigarettes. Some think that this can be a way out of their misery and depressions in life but the real fact is that they are just trying to escape from the real world. Cigarettes carry many ingredients that dull the senses and help people live in a world where things seem nice and easy to them. When people smoke cigarettes for the purpose of escaping from the reality and staying lost on their own thoughts then it is a point, they start deteriorating things for themselves and start losing on all the possibilities.

Many people claim that cigarettes can help them digest food. One cigarette after a meal may help them digest food. But this is actually just a way of making oneself and others believe that cigarettes are not that bad after all. Yes, no doubt that cigarette can help digest food due to the caffeine in it that quickens speed of the digestive system but at the end of the day it will contribute to nothing but obesity. Yes, obesity is another thing that is the effect of smoking cigarettes. People who suddenly gain weight is all because of this unhealthy habit of theirs.

Real cigarettes have been contributing to obesity. This is because, while you smoke, the blood in your arteries starts getting thick. The fats that would have easily passed out of your arteries into the blood stream tend to deposit inside the blood vessels, thus stopping the regular normal flow of blood. This soon leads to large fat deposits in your blood thus leading you to obesity. Many people who cannot understand the real reason behind gaining weight must focus on this shocking fact and the effects that a human body faces with every single puff.

Other than that, a human body becomes prone to sudden heart attack. Many people have been unable to link heart attack with smoking cigarettes but there is a deep relation again. Just as fats get deposited into the blood vessels, they create an unhealthy environment inside the human body. This stops the blood from flowing through the veins and arteries and the entire pumping of blood by the heart becomes further difficult. With less blood reaching the blood and exiting on time, produces the worst result and that is, a heart attack. Many people have suffered heart attacks just because of their smoking habit.

If you want to leave smoking and adopt other healthy habits in life, then you must quit smoking cigarettes in a planned manner. Quitting at once may leave you with withdrawal symptoms, so make sure you leave smoking little at a time. Like if you use to smoke two cigarettes after a meal, step down to smoking on after meals. This is how you will be able to save yourself from the harm that can be caused to your body by cigarettes. Make sure you understand the effects and disadvantages of smoking real cigarettes to live a healthy normal life.