comic bannerIt seemed that in past few years there has been an increasing demand of cigarettes throughout the world. Americans are more addicted to it than others and worth of all news, the rapid and increased rate of smoking leads to greater risk of bladder cancer. Go back and you will find that year 2008 started the history of cigarette. When the cigarette introduced first time in United States, there were only 20 percent of population who smoked and this rate increased to 21 percent in very short time, may be this part of history would not be written by historian and hence it may not present in text books.

It is really bad that you all are quite familiar that cigarette is not good thing for out health and it can cause many severe health problems. But it is wondering that people still enjoy smoking. Most of smokers do smoking because of their addictive nature of cigarettes. But this is not the only reason why people smoke. There are many other facts too like it is also because more than 1000 people decide happily to start using cigarette every day. We know everything regarding their effects from bowel to oral health but still do not think to get rid of this bad habit. Smoking is hardly intricately fastened to the effects of negative effects and this increasing demand has health flummoxed. There are various theories which indicate that this increase is because of smoker’s belief that cigarette is not a dangerous for health and there was a time when they are health hazard but now it is not true. Some people belief that cigarettes are not widespread on society as they were before 20 to 30 years and also the FDA controls the tobacco. Recent facts have been shown from the “Journal of the nation cancer institute” why this prediction of people is so foolish. Many of cigarette manufacturers have tried much to reduce the negative effects of nicotine on health and they succeeded in minimizing the excessive amount of the tar and nicotine from their manufacturing. Unfortunately, this step has not decreased the bladder cancer risk for smokers. It also found that the risk for bladder cancer has been increased 5 times as compared to when it was in mid 1990s.

Nicotine which is a major component of cigarettes produces more cancer risks than it was in 1950 because now it has more quantity of naphthylamine. In this situation, it is very compulsory to suggest smokers to take care of their health otherwise they would lose their life in short time. Health officials should advice smokers to add major nutrients and vitamins in their diet which become exhausted due to the effects of nicotine. These key nutrients involve Vitamin C along with the bioflavonoids that you can take between 5000 to 20000 mg every day, 200 mg Coenzyme Q10 or more and also grape seed extract which provides chemopreventive advantages. Coenzyme Q10 helps your body to flush about 4000 of chemical toxins which produce with every single puff of cigarette.