World health organization stated that from five Americans, one or two deaths occur due to cigarettes. More than 20 percent of population uses cigarettes and medical experts introduced various patches and pills in order to help you to stop smoking and improve your health but these pills cannot help you to prevent you from various diseases caused by cigarettes such as heart disease, cancer, emphysema and birth defects. Cigarettes are very harmful for your body that increases more chemicals into your body. What is the most efficient and best way to quit smoking? Here is solution for your answer. If you choose fruits and vegetables in your diet rather than cigarette quit pills then it is much better for you.

Drinking juices of fresh fruits and vegetable in large quantity is the most powerful method to eliminate chemicals and poison from your body. Fresh fruit juices are not only rich with nutrient but they are also detoxifying. To quit smoking, you should have to eat at least five fruits or juices every day. You should also consume vegetables juices that contain a lot of vitamins. Every time when you will consume fresh fruits, your craving will increase. Your internal system will recover rapidly if you consume more and more juices every day.

You can also get fresh fruits juices from powerful packed nutrition as they are enough to remove the cravings immediately. These nutrition packs show results in just seven days and eventually your cravings will eliminate from your body and it will become quite easy for you to quit cigarette. It is recommended to keep up process more than one week. By keeping it for few weeks or months, you will no more craving cigarette. Within a week or so, your body will be able to take extra care and nutrition.
During this process, maintain your diet with the foods which grow on plants from nature. Avoid eating animal and processed foods during this process. It is due to common fact that the process works fine by detoxifying all chemicals which are stored into your body due to smoking and of course, you want to provide your body with best diet and not hindering it. Some people also require action plan on bad days which are restrict to come back and often forces smokers back to habit. Make sure that your hand has a glass of juice rather than cigarette and to complete your mission, you should know about your plan and you should not be surprised when it occurs.

Do you know why cigarette is quite dangerous for your health? Simple answer is smoking has direct relation with the toxicity of chemicals present in cigarette. If your body have huge amount of poisons and toxins in your body then it has no any option but to develop severe problems. If most people have health problems and they also take foods having pesticide residue and all chemicals then you can think about what could be major reason behind all these problems.