Wholesale OEM/ODM

Who we are: Our Company is one of the most reputed companies in China that has received immense attention in the global market. Our company has expertise in manufacturing electronic cigarettes. We are also in the supplying business. We supply several types of e-cigarettes of varying tastes at reasonable rates. We have entered global business and are popular among people as we tend to make smoking healthy.

The Bussiness we are engaged in are Below

  1. Wholesale electronic cigarettes: Since we are into international business there are innumerable retailers and dealers of our products spread over about 40 countries including those of America, Europe and Asia. We have a separate department that deals with out wholesale deals. The pricings are different for wholesale distribution. When bought in large numbers our products come at even lower prices.


  1. OEM electronic cigarette:  The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM electronic cigarette is one that bears the private logo of its manufacturing company. We offer such OEM services to our wholesale clients and distributors. Our company itself provides the logo or code or the design that indicates uniqueness. But before using the logo, the distributor must own or patent the design for him so that he can prove his right in case of any unwanted use by others. But the distributor must satisfy certain conditions to get the OEM service. OEM e-cigarettes are to be bought in large numbers, 200 pieces of all the models.


  1. ODM electronic cigarette: ODM stands for original design manufacturer. The original company brands the products with its own logo even if it gives away the rights of selling the products to several other distributing firms and retailers.


  1. Why Wholesale OEM/ODM Electronic Cigarettes With us: Our company is engaged to international business since its foundation for six long years. We have spread our reach not only to America but also in the countries of Europe and Asia. We are attached to ten or more American companies and five European companies and our customers are spread all over the world. Our reputation and productive, reliable service and relationship with customers are sure to induce other firms to get engaged with us in wholesale OEM/ ODM E-cigarette business.